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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 19.0

Design modern and complex webpages with powerful tools

Nowadays, when the battle between browsers is fierce, and the HTML technology improves every day, it's important for a website creator to have a powerful software program, one that it's equipped with high tech tools. One of these programs is Adobe Dreamweaver.

It comes wrapped in a carefully crafted design, modern and easy-to-use at the same time. The default theme's color tones are well-chosen, and so are the other options of skin themes. The only minus of the interface is that the left panel icons seem to be kinda small.

Adobe Dreamweaver embeds numerous and various features, that together form a feature-rich program with high versatility. One of the features is the Git support. This way, the user can manage all the source code within the program and operate the other tasks from the Git panel.

Next, it offers multi-monitor support for Windows, so you, as a user, can expand your workplace and display your pages on multiple monitors.

Moreover, with Dreamweaver, you have HiDPI support for Windows that gets you better scaling and display for fonts, icons, and dialog boxes.

Other interesting functionalities include code highlighting, FTP connection or search, replace and edit files.

In conclusion, Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful and complex webpage creator, has the ultimate HTML technology and web design trends, and is constantly improving its technologies.

John Saunders
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  • Has HiDPI support for Windows
  • Offers multi-monitor support
  • Has a built-in Git feature
  • Provides code highlighting


  • Left side panel has small buttons icons
  • Installation takes up to 15 minutes
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